is a portal where user can search hotels with favourate locations and book hotels too. 


AboutThe Project

When user makes a hotel reservation at, Price Guardian service checks the price of booking each day until the end of the free cancellation period.

If a cheaper price comes up you can simply re-book the cheaper rate or upgrade your room and cancel the original booking.

Hotel prices fluctuate, finding a good price today doesn’t mean there won’t be a better price tomorrow!   There could always be a sale starting tomorrow but how would you know?  You could look up the price every single day, but who wants to spend the time looking every day for a cheaper price?

Price Guardian is a price robot on your side, checking prices every day for you – now that’s a smart way to book.


Client’s main requirement is to get hotel details from 3rd party provider like and EAN and store it in our database and make description and URL user friendly. Client have 7 sites that he is running with same database and he want to maintain it globally. Caching to improve performance of the site.


Major challenge were to improve the performance of the entire web portal after migrating it to Entity Framework. At the same time they wanted to clean up the database to get rid of junk entries, and to implement better and stronger business logic to maintain clean database and get rid of junk database entries.

SolutionBusiness Impact

We suggest to make window services for daily basis update data from (Booking and EAN) and auto generated emails. We suggest to fetch records in json format rather then XML. We suggest to use google tag manager for better management of dynamically insert tags into your website.

We crawl our site on google with good rating. With the use of caching we optimize our site. We started it for 1 site after our 1st 3 milestones client provide 6 more site to do work.


  • MVC 5
  • Windows Services
  • API & WCF
  • Jquery/JavaScript
  • Visual studio 2017 / SQL 2012