Employee Scheduling. Time Tracking. Task Management. Payroll Reporting.


AboutThe Project

Time Tracking Portal is the website created by Technobrains. Time Tracking Portal is Newyork based online company that known for the employee tracking app. The main feature of the time clock is employee scheduling, time tracking, task management and payroll reporting.

Employee Scheduling : Employee scheduling is the automatic process to maintain and create the employee time or work schedule. Use for increasing employee productivity creating many secretarial and manual scheduling positions obsolete such as vacation timing, festival celebration timing and much more.

Time Tracking : Time tracking system is simply the measurement and documenting the hours of employee worked. With the advance time tracking technology we can track employee additional data such as employee efficiency and productivity.

Task Management : Simply manage the time for each task. As the name suggests the task management system is the process of managing the task through its life cycle that involves tracking, planning, testing and much more. Task management can help to archive the goal within the time limit.

Payroll Reporting : Payroll reporting system is mainly used for employee payroll and manage wages. It is the easy and quick way to see payroll totals by the employee for the specific amount of time.


The main purpose of the client is to implement new features in their existing system an also wanted to have maintenance and support.

Client wanted to implement payment gateway on their existing website.

Since their website were visited more often and used by their customers, they wanted swift and immediate support on going basis.


We dig into a website and figure out that some code were not written as per standards, as well as many unused queries and codes.

The challenges for the client is to manage payments online, since manual payment collection process were eating lots of their time and energy.

We also had challenges of refining the existing system in a way that their entire business would aligned and reduce time and effort.

SolutionBusiness Impact

The goal of the project were to streamline and automate their business process, with having website with employee management, time tracking, task management, payroll system and much more. Having said that they wanted to have their manual payment collection process and accounting process to be streamlined and automated. We had implemented payment gateway with recurring payment options, and integrated with Quickbooks to partially automate their accounting system.

When we took over this project, their website performance was so poor and it was not optimized as per industry standards. We removed unused code, queries, Stored Procedures to make sure that the whole system performs well.


  • MVC
  • Web Services
  • LinQ
  • MS SQL 2016
  • Java Script
  • Stripe