How much it costs to develop a mobile application?

How much it costs to develop a mobile application?

How much it costs to develop a mobile application?


Developing a mobile application is mostly an ongoing project. Mobile application consists of frequent updates and versions to keep up with continuously changing mobile technology. If you would like make your mobile application successful you must have proper marketing strategy in place, best UI/UX, and highly experienced development agency to bring your idea to life.

When it comes to hiring an agency that can help you realize your idea, you first have to know their strength, expertise, past experience and rate that they charge for their services. Whether you publish your application using Native platform or Cross platform you would need mobile pro with right skillset for your project. So, here we will be discussing how you set budget to work with highly rated mobile application Development Company.

The cost of a mobile application is largely based on features; functionality and platform that you choose to publish your application on.

Factors that determine the cost of mobile application

You have to prepare all your ground work before you float out your requirement in market to seek estimation. As if mobile application consists of multiple phases (e.g. wire-framing, UI/UX design, working prototype, functionality implementation, backend API development etc.) during which you have to consistently engage with an agency to monitor the progress of your mobile application.


Platform to Target

The costs of the application depending upon the platform that you choose to develop your application on. More platforms you wish to develop your application on cost you more. It is not always possible to deploy application on multiple platforms due to code usability; therefore it required to deploy application on one platform at a time.

We always suggest our customers to deploy your mobile application on single platform first, and then move on to another one.

Scope & Development Methodology

Moment you decide to develop a mobile application, the very first step would be to determine your business objective and the solution that you would need. You have to write down technical specification that consists of all the business features that your application will require. We understand how difficult it is to list down technical requirement being a non-technical individual, but you need not to worry since our Business Analyst team will understand your requirement and prepare detailed scope document with wireframes which gives you an insight of how your application will function and behave.

Now the most important points you should consider is to choose right development methodology. Now, if you want to build your product which will be having very fixed sets of features or features that you see it coming as your app grows, this will determine the cost of your application. We recommend going on with progressive development methodology which is mix of Waterfall and Agile. In this you will have some flexibility over features during development process.

UI / UX Design

Stand out design separates your application from good to amazing. At TechnoBrains your idea always respected and our creative team justifies that to create wonderful user experience which is the key to successful application.

If you want to have an ordinary design that most of the users are know of, would cost your less compared to high end design that requires lots of brain storm, time and energy to put on. App design depends upon user stories and user flow.

Hire UI/UX designer can provide his/her valuable feedback to implement high end interface for your mobile application. We will help you design user interface which engage end users with mobile application. Also UI/UX designer can help you with consulting about what is good for mobile application to create amazing user experience.

Cross platform Vs. Native mobile app development

There are multiple cross platforms available to develop your mobile application with fairly cheap rate and in quick turnaround time, but it will have some limitation. Application built on this platform will have significant performance downgrade compare to one developed on native platform. Therefore, cost associated with the development varies based on platform that you choose to develop your application on.

App features

Every mobile application begin with defining set of features that has significant effect on development timeline and effort required to develop an application. More complex features your mobile application consist of more it will cost you. But we recommend to float out your first version of the application with having minimal features to attract potential users and then keep on adding features over the period of time and publish on app store. This cycle would need on going development and this will cost you more money, but you have an opportunity to understand user behavior and based on that you can plan your next updates which will keep your users interest alive and increase engagement.


There are two type of mobile application 1) which is stand alone and mostly informative and static which does not require to communication with database 2) which will require server, storage, data encryption and security, user management etc. These two application infrastructure impact a lot on development cost.

Additional Cost

Besides development cost there are many additional costs requires attention which is normally ignored while setting up a budget. There are many of them are recurring and many are one-time cost, you need to understand what they are?

  • Developer Accounts :

Before you start, you must understand that in order to publish your mobile application you must have a developers account for iOS, Android and Windows. The sign up cost for developers account 1) Apple: $99/year for individual / company; $299/year for an enterprise account. On other side Google charges one time fees of $25 for a developers account, and windows charge $19 for individuals and $99 for companies.

  • Server components & Cloud services :

If you application is consist of components which requires storage and retrieval, will have additional costs. If your application requires third party services integration you will require considering applicable charges by provider.

  • App maintenance :

There are many applications on app store which has either not upgraded or left dead by developer. But when sellers are serious about providing continuous services to their customers / app users they always keep their mobile application updates with new features, and new OS version release. Having said that while publishing your application on highly rushed Android app store, you must keep up your app with OS releases which are very complicated task and add up more money in overall project budget which you should consider.

How much it will cost to develop my application?

You will come across with different mobile app development company which will have different rates to develop your mobile application. Some companies focus on rapid development while compromising quality, and some focus on quality over the cost. If your business success is relied upon your mobile application we recommend recruiting strong technical partner who deliver your application meeting highest quality standards. Basic cost to build scalable app with having server components, API and storage, would cost around $8000 — $15000. For beta version with minimum features would cost between $5000 — $10000.

If you would like to know how much your mobile application would cost you, contact us for free consultation.

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