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AboutThe Project

Time Clock Wizard is the website created by technobrains. Time clock wizard is new york based online company that known for the employee tracking app. The main feature of the time clock is employee scheduling, time tracking, task management and payroll reporting.

Employee Scheduling : Employee scheduling is the automatic process to maintain and create the employee time or work schedule. Use for increasing employee productivity creating many secretarial and manual scheduling positions obsolete such as vacation timing, festival celebration timing and much more.

Time Tracking : Time tracking system is simply the measurement and documenting the hours of employee worked. With the advance time tracking technology we can track employee additional data such as employee efficiency and productivity.

Task Management : Simply manage the time for each task. As the name suggests the task management system is the process of managing the task through its life cycle that involves tracking, planning, testing and much more. Task management can help to archive the goal within the time limit.

Payroll Reporting : Payroll reporting system is mainly used for employee payroll and manage wages. It is the easy and quick way to see payroll totals by the employee for the specific amount of time.

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SolutionBusiness Impact

The main goal of the project will be pondered as a development of the informative and attractive website for TIME CLOCK WIZARD which will be great for employee management, time tracking, task management, payroll system and much more. A user can free register their profile and by creating the account they can use the service of time clock wizard. Which will be very helpful for the HR management department of any organization.

Technobrains create the well-structured and user-friendly time clock wizard by full filling all the requirements. Our creative designer and developer team create the attractive user-friendly UI that attract any user to visit time clock wizard.


  • Payroll Reports
  • Timesheet Reports
  • PTO Reports
  • Schedule Reports
  • Employee Contact Reports
  • Photo Capture, Clockguard
  • Employee Time Tracking