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Custom-made dashboard living you abreast of what is least important to your business organization. Same like a dashboard in your car show essential information about your car, such like speed and fuel level, same like that a dashboard in Power BI shows the important information about your business and its continuing success. Power BI shows dashboards that are reciprocal and can be makeover and modify from many different data sources. Three elements are firsthand to this experience with Power BI is Dashboards, Interactive Reports and Data Sets. The main task of the Microsoft Power BI is conveyed together all of your data so you can begin examining the most up-to-date information about your business or organization.

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based analytics service that transforms your company’s data into interactive dashboards and intuitive reports to monitor what matters most to you. Technobrains team help your company to set up Microsoft Power BI into your Strategy and directly start detection trends, observation the health of your business and devising easier, faster data-driven decisions.


Power BI modify your company’s data into easy ocular for you to owed and manage so you can focus on what important to you. Power BI is a piece of business analytic tools to analyze data and share insights. Observation your device and your business and take on to the answers fast with smart dashboards available on all device.

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Enable solution for business users to excavation shallow into data and discovery patterns they may have differently lost with Power BI features like fast measures, abstraction, prediction, and clustering. Innovative users have full control over their framework using compelling expression. If you very well know about excel you feel just chill to accessing the power BI.

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Power BI Features

All in one spot

A Cloud-based professional analytic service that makes it achievable to manage your important data from across your whole organization, all the data from the single live dashboard.

Monitor the pulse of your business

Is your data is available or spread on various platforms? Make the correct data-driven choice to deal with your key business concern poetics.

Attractively Visualized

Power BI elasticity gives you tools to change, examine, and quickly acquiring and visualize your data. Share reports in seconds with your business exploitation Power BI on the web.

Keep your team on the same page

Power BI gives the services to share your delightful dashboard so you get a individual view of the business and make important decision supported on the correct data.

Conformable Analysis

With SQL Server Investigation solution on-site and other analysis services in the cloud, you can well body-build big-boned, useful models ended your data to supply consistence across coverage and analysis in your businesses.

Implant BI and analytic

Have impressive mutual reports and fast results to investigating in your app with the Power BI Integrated service and solutions.

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